The heart and soul of South Africa resides in its rural areas. Within these vast expanses of land, people live in diverse communities, each with its own history, traditions and cultural heritage. While rich in tradition, they can also be places of isolation and poverty. None are more adversely affected than the women and children living there.

Our Mission

Focusing on vulnerable children, we support South African community organizations that address the impact of poverty in rural areas.


We are a US non-profit foundation with over thirty years of experience working in partnership with South African organizations. Through our current grantmaking program, we provide resources to organizations with programs for vulnerable children living in rural communities.


We provide small grants to rural organizations with programs for vulnerable children, ages 0-6. These programs reach into remote, often inaccessible areas, where education and health services along with transportation and employment opportunities are virtually non-existent.


Over the decades in South Africa, we have provided resources to organizations across a range of sectors. From health and education to income generation and gender equity, the majority of these organizations share one common feature: a commitment of service to people living in poverty.


We make every dollar work by partnering with rural organizations who offer services where it matters most: directly to the women and children who need our support.