No impact too small

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As I review our bookkeeping records with tax season upon us, I am filled with gratitude for the generosity of all of you who made donations to South Coast Foundation. For those of you who think their donation is too small to make a difference, let me assure you it does.

Throughout the years, as the director of a smaller foundation in the midst of the mega-million ones, sometimes I’ve struggled to stay motivated, when I wished there was more to give, when the contribution seemed meager in comparison to the need. To help me through those times, I adopted a motto that became a guiding principle, “No impact too small”.

And now, with over a year of receiving the kind gifts of people in the US, I can say that the same principle I apply to giving in South Africa holds true here as well. When you give, no matter what you chose to give: your time, your skills, your creative energy, your money, it’s worth it because there is, “No impact too small”.


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