The course of fundraising

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ImageThis year we took a new approach to fundraising, one that was so exciting, I am completely hooked. We let you know that for every dollar you gave, South Coast Foundation would match it. Within a few short days, you responded, and, I might add, are continuing to respond. Right now, we are approximately $3,000 short of that goal, but I have no doubt that the goal will be reached in early 2013.

When I was considering a fundraising strategy for South Coast Foundation, my initial plan, and indeed efforts, were geared towards the more traditional methods of fundraising. Yet, considering our unique grant making program and its international focus, let alone the fact that we are a private endowed foundation, I knew it would be an uphill climb. I was also concerned about preserving the integrity of the foundation’s mission by introducing external prescriptions that could potentially detract from it.

Then I found you. The uphill climb turned into a breezy summer stroll. I discovered we shared common bonds: a heartfelt commitment to South African community organizations and the work that they do and fulfillment in giving. Immediately, for South Coast Foundation, the amounts of funding became less a measure of success than sharing the commonality of our collective purpose. Most of you have been to South Africa; some of the lucky ones return every year. Many of you feel a deep connection, as I do, to the organization(s) you support.

Image 2As our list of individual donors continues to grow, so does my enthusiasm to fundraise and to open the doors of South Coast Foundation to you, our donors. You give when you can, what you can, only to return, as you do to South Africa, to give again. It is this concerted effort over time that breathes live in an organization, sustains and energizes┬áthem. International connections are more meaningful than mere dollars. We, as donors, should never underestimate that. As I look at the coming year and consider our fundraising plans, I’m still willing to climb the hills, as long as it’s with you.

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