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With the New Year upon us and the holiday season drawing to a close, I’d like to recognize our donors. For two years South Coast Foundation has provided fiscal sponsorship to Woza Moya, collecting donations from supporters in the US. Everyone who contributes so generously throughout the year keeps the doors of organizations like Woza Moya open. Yet that is only part of the story. They create an international link that reminds all of us that when we give, we can be part of something far bigger and more meaningful than our individual lives.

A warm thank-you goes to Catherine Anderson and her organization, Ubuntu Charlotte. In South Africa, she gives her time and artistic skills as a workshop leader, artist and volunteer at Woza Moya. At home, she brings her talents to fundraising, always seeming to find creative ways to raise funds every year. Her loving heart, inspiring messages and creative spirit reaches all of us.

Shirley Griffin is another donor whose contributions are dazzling. Along with her very generous financial contributions, she volunteers annually to Woza Moya, providing key administrative support to the director. As if that were not enough, in 2012 she delivered hand-knitted sweaters to all the children in time for Christmas. Her adorable photos say it all!

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Now we are off to Hawaii, where a group of dedicated people give all year and every year. Susan Henning and Gavin Harrison are major supporters of Woza Moya. As if their financial support where not enough, Sue and Gavin, along with family and friends, collected over thirty hand-made quilts and Hawaiian dresses that were shipped to Woza Moya. What a beautiful gift!

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