The Faces of the Valoyi Trust

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Over the past months, I’ve received staff reports that are so moving, I wanted to share them with you. They profile the people who use the services of one of our grantee organizations, the Valoyi Traditional Authority Trust. The organization, with the assistance of Etafeni Trust, operates the Nwamitwa Community Centre. Located in the remote, poverty-ridden area of the Limpopo Province, it was built from the ground up by community members a little more than two years ago.

Image 10Prosperity Makhubele and Thelda Molungete  Family 

Prosperity lives with her mother who is unemployed. They depend on a child support grant. There is no proper shelter and they are living in a tent offered by Greater Tzaneen municipality after losing the roof on the one roomed house.  The family of five and use the tent as kitchen, bed room and dining room.  Prosperity received food parcels, blanket and school uniform and bag from Valoyi Trust in partnership with Starfish.  Thelda and Prosperity receive daily meals from the Valoyi Centre.

Image 1Vivian Mhlongo

The family lives in Shongani  Village near  Manyunyu  Primary  School. Vivian Mhlongo is a 13 year old girl who lives with her guardian (her grandmother), two aunts and an uncle. The grandmother does not receive an old age grant.  There are five family members in this house hold. Vivian is an orphan who receives a foster care grant on which the whole family relies. There are only two small houses to sleep in. Vivian has problems with her eye sight and hearing. She attends Manyunyu Primary School and is currently in Grade Seven. She receives a daily meal at the Valoyi Centre. Sometimes when we have food parcels we give them to her and her family.

Image 1_2

Sibongiseni and Musa Shiburi

This family is situated at Msiphana village, stand no 353, next to Chauke JB.  The family consists of 5 people, two parents and three children. The father is unemployed and he has been sick for 2 years now. The family has no source of income; they depend on child support grants which three children receive. The mother is working part-time at a nearby farm to sustain her family because her husband is unable to work and support the family. They live in a 1 room brick and mud house.

Image 7Nyiko Selowa 

This family consists of 5 people living in one room. The single mother works in a farm, she leaves her children behind to work and support her family. Nyiko’s father is deceased. Nyiko’s younger sister has dropped out of school because  the family moved away from the farm. We are assisting her to get a transfer letter from her old  school and help her to register in a local school.  They have receive food parcels, blankets, uniforms and  school bags.

Makhubele Pilato Image 9

This family is situated at Msiphana village, stand no 62. Pilato was born in Mozambique. He came to South Africa with his parents because he had problem with his eyes, and he was treated successfully. His father passed away and his mother went back to Mozambique and left  Pilato with his uncle.  His uncle is unemployed.  The family survive by means of  piece work that he gets. The family lives in a 3 roomed house, the family has 9 people, including Pilato. The family received food parcels,  Pilato’s  school uniform, a school bag and blanket.

Laizer and Julio 
Semango Image 8

This family consists of 9 people.  They live in a one-room house and a shack. No family member  has identification documents.  The family originated from Mozambique.  There is no source of income except when the grandmother gets piece work from other households as a house keeper or from nearby farms during the citrus season.  Four of the family members are orphans. Sometimes they go to sleep without food especially during weekends, public holidays and school holidays.   One of the older children sleeps with their friend because they have no place to sleep at the house.

The 14 months old baby is HIV+.   We have provided uniforms, blankets and food parcels to the family.  We are in the process of helping the family with identification  documents to  access  social  support grants. We have involved the community councillor to assist the family.

One of the community members Mrs Hawuka Mhlohlonyi from Lwandlamuni village has offered to adopt two of the children who go to school; she has offered to assist them with their needs. The family has not yet decided on this matter. The family needs urgent assistance as they do not have money for a balanced diet for the HIV positive infant who is not growing well.

Image 12Ester and Angy Zitha 

This family consists of 5 people, living in a one-roomed house. The father has an identity document but the mother does not have an ID document which makes it difficult for the children to get birth certificates and they don’t have access to child support grants. Ester does not have a road to health chart; it was burnt with the house while they were in Johannesburg, together with the mother’s documents with which she was applying for her ID document. We are in a process of assisting the family to get identity documents and birth certificates. The father is working in a temporary job to sustain the family.

Lebogang  Mainetja 

 The family lives in Msiphani Village near Richard Nkuna. Lebogang Maenetja is 6 years old and she lives with her mother and ten family members.  Her father passed on while her mother was pregnant with her. Her mother is unemployed.  They depend on her grandparents’ old age grants, and Lebogang’s child support grant. There are four dwelling units: One RDP house, two huts and one room.  Lebogang is in Grade One at Manyunyu Primary School.  She receives a daily meal at the Valoyi Centre. We support Lebogang with food parcels and other materials when they are available.

 Joster Nkuna and Nhlamulo Makwakwa 

The family lives in Msiphani Village Stand no: 321, near Florah Simiyawo. Both Joster and Nhlamulo’s parents are alive but unemployed. Both children receive Child Support Grants. The family depends on these grants to survive. Joster suffers from Downs Syndrome. There is one dwelling unit with two rooms, which is under construction. Both children attend school at Manyunyu Primary School.  Joster is in Grade One and Nhlamulo is in Grade Seven. Both Joster and Nhlamulo receive a daily meal at the Valoyi Centre.

SAM_0785 SAM_1393 Image 5 Image 3


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