Woza Moya’s matching holiday fundraiser is here

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As we kick-off our matching fundraiser for Woza Moya, 2020/21, we want to thank our core group of dedicated supporters who give of themselves over and over again. They donate not only their financial resources, but also their time, through visits to Woza Moya as volunteers, bearers of gifts and ambassadors of international support. In 2020, we raised a record $30,000! We owe a debt of gratitude and sincere acknowledgement to our shining stars: Catherine Anderson, Shirley Griffin, Kathleen Nokes, Dorothy Hickey, Steven Harrison, our anonymous donor, Jodi Short, Jude Rathburn, Jo Biddle, William Pegg, Jackie Hall, Mary Lemons, Sue Henning, Gavin Harrison (posthumously) and many more…We at South Coast Foundation are continually inspired by the often unexpected and surprisingly generous gifts they bestow.

This year, South Coast Foundation has joined forces with a Woza Moya supporter to boost the match to $10,000. That means that with your help, our goal is to send $20,000 to Woza Moya in the coming months. There is no deadline to receive donations; we will continue matching every dollar we receive until our goal is reached. Catherine Anderson has launched our fundraiser with a donation of $2,000. Thank you Catherine!



As always, 100% of your donations will be sent directly to Woza Moya

and are eligible as a taxable deduction.


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