About South Coast Foundation

South Coast Foundation is a private family foundation that operates a grantmaking program in South Africa. With an underlying commitment to poverty reduction and HIV/AIDS eradication, our mission is to support orphans and vulnerable children through organizations that address the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic at the local level. Our guiding principle is “No impact too small”.

The foundation’s experience and history in South Africa, which spans over two decades, has been focused primarily on community-based organizations. We regard these organizations as the lifeline of impoverished communities, at the forefront of innovative development and the heart of community development.

South Coast Foundation’s grantmaking program supports South African organizations that address the impact of HIV/AIDS at the local level within impoverished communities. Grantee organizations provide services within their communities to:

  • Orphans, vulnerable or abandoned children (OVC) affected by HIV/AIDS and their caregivers;
  • Households headed by children or grandparents resulting from loss of parent(s) from HIV/AIDS;
  • Households in which children live with a HIV-positive parent(s).