South Coast Foundation’s grantmaking program supports South African non-governmental and community-based organizations that address the impact of HIV/AIDS at the local level within impoverished communities. We fund South African organizations only and do not accept proposals from organizations in the United States.

Organizations that believe their programs match our area of support and applicant requirements can send a letter of inquiry. We do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Area of support

Organizations are sought that provide services within their communities to:

  • Orphans, vulnerable or abandoned children (OVC) affected by HIV/AIDS and their caregivers;
  • Households headed by children or grandparents resulting from loss of parent(s) from HIV/AIDS;
  • Households in which children live with a HIV-positive parent(s).

Application requirements

In addition to matching our area of support, applicants must be registered as a Section 21 company. Their budget, program size or funding shortfall should be able to benefit significantly from a grant within the range of  R14 000 to R100 000.

Organizations are considered that meet the following criteria. They are required to:

  • Have programs in operation that demonstrate a successful track record.
  • Work at the community level to empower community members through their programs.
  • Uphold the human rights of children and practice gender equality.
  • Use a participatory methodology in the design of their programs.
  • Demonstrate a respect for and integration of local culture into the development process.
  • Have a history with other funding organizations and an on-going fundraising strategy.
  • Maintain financial records and audited financial statements, prepared annually.
  • Have the ability to communicate through email. Maintaining a website is a plus.
  • Be able to utilize funds to their maximum advantage.

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