Wola Nani

Focusing on the needs of HIV positive women and their children, Wola Nani is committed to providing a caring, developmental service that enables people living with HIV to respond positively to their status. Through counseling, care training, increased awareness and community support, people with HIV are empowered to take control of their lives with confidence, dignity and hope

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Program highlights

At the heart of Wola Nani’s programs is their Family and Community Support Centres located in Khayelitsha, Mfuleni, Guguletu and Phillipi. These centers serve as a haven for individuals and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and offers comprehensive support services enabling HIV positive people to reclaim their dignity and live productive lives.

Through an integrated assistance program, the center provides a safe, secure environment, offering services such as: individual case management, lay counseling, support groups, home based care & health monitoring, child day care facilities & healthcare monitoring, child placement services, monthly emergency food relief, HIV education, rights, entitlement and primary healthcare workshops, advice on accessing government grants, medical or legal services, networked referral system of NGO organizations, clinics & hospitals and Xhosa language AIDS information and counseling helpline.

Additional services of Wola Nani include the Cape Town Drop-In Centre where pproximately 80% of the HIV positive people using these services are homeless. Other programs are their Skills Development and Income Generation Projects, Red Ribbon Campaign, Non-Medical VCT Site in Gugulethu, Vulnerable Child Program, ARV Treatment Literacy for Adherence.


Wola Nani, Xhosa for ‘We embrace and develop one another’, was established in 1994 in Cape Town. Its mission is to bring relief to the communities hardest hit by the HIV/AIDS crisis.